Enis Fikri Tokcan was one of Turkey's business innovators, an entrepreneur who understood the importance of participation in the global economy. A philosophy he gained through the hard and practical experience of instigating and running several very successful international businesses.

Enis Fikri Tokcan can justly lay claim to an important role in the first exciting years of the Turkish Republic, most significantly the Kurtalan railway communication project and the development of South-West Anatolia. His inspired association with Vehbi Koc conglomerate of companies created new links between Turkey and the world, a successful relationship which continues to this day.

Enis Fikri Tokcan effectively guided his business through the tragedy and pit falls of the Second World War, ever mindful of Turkey's interests and her future place in the world. He understood the need to maintain the momentum for development was of paramount importance. Moreover, the difficulties Turkey experienced in the 1970's, when importation restrictions were imposed, was a time when a clear head and focused vision were required, and again Enis Fikri Tokcan maintained a steady and optimistic approach.

Enis Fikri Tokcan had a natural appreciation of the wider business world and the advantages to be gained from actively engaging with it. He worked hard at building close associations and friendships with an extensive and influential range of commercial and political leaders in Europe and the United States.

Enis Fikri Tokcan remains one of Turkey's unsung heroes and must be given clear recognition for his part in establishing Turkey's positive reputation in the international world of commerce and business. We remain eternally grateful and indebted to the prosperity, stability and reputation of the nation, and for this, he will always be remembered.

Written by Mr. Y. Karakoyunlu
Member of Parliament


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