Technical Trading Incorporated (TETICO) was founded in Ankara in 1950. We are proud of being one of the few businesses spanning generations in the young Republic of Turkey.

TETICO has maintained the purpose of assisting the economic development of the country and fulfilling the defense requirements by introducing the products, systems, know-how and services of major international companies since 1950 and creates opportunities for international business development with Turkey's vast human and natural resources along with its geographical location.

TETICO has thrived by providing the cooperating agencies and corporations with the right local connections and professional assistance; this combined with established business concept has allowed the companies that we represent to realize more efficient and more successful projects.

Always looking ahead, we have recognised trends in market development in Turkey and in the world and we have created new business opportunities in marketing, tourism, energy and education. TETICO will offer comprehensive and valuable services to our industry, partners and clients by keeping on to develop and moving forward.

TETICO's specialized market knowledge combined with our capacity in financial and legal affairs attained for long years are put in use by assisting our clients to identify their strong points and develop their market strategies. We inform our clients about the procedures every step of the way transparently, and offer services based on solid business ethics. Our clients satisfaction with regards to our standard operating procedures and values is due to the tasks in hand being completed efficiently and our constant effort to protect the interest of our clients and partners.

Representation of a wide range of international companies and the interest and importance attached to our company by the local public and industrial authorities and organizations is a proof of our success in the market.

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